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Steelhead. For so long, they were mythical creatures to me. Shadowy legends that seemed more fable than fact, surrounded by lore and considered by so many to be a fisherman’s crowning achievement.

This fish represents my first steelhead, an encounter which is a story unto itself. It marked a turning point for me, when a fish became so much more than just a fish. To say this piece was inspired would be a ridiculous understatement.

Now, as an older, slightly wiser, real-life fish biologist, the shadowy myth has become a tangible subject. Yet the legend of the steelhead has only grown. Dams, habitat degradation, and crappy marine conditions threaten its existence but still it persists. And I’m so glad it does, because I can only believe that others have had similar encounters. But, as is the case with so many anadromous fisheries, the steelhead needs help, prompting unprecedented legislation and regulation in Idaho and Washington. Only heavyweights like steelhead and salmon could cause such a ruckus.

If any creature is capable of a triumphant return, it is the steelhead. Right now it’s just tired of putting up with our crap.


Archival prints are printed by Bay Photo in Scotts Valley, California on Entrada Bright Rag fine art paper. Signed.


Standout mounts are printed by Bay Photo in Scotts Valley, California, then packaged by the artist in Miles City, Montana. These 12" X 18" prints are mounted on a 3/4" deep black foam-board backing and give the print a clean, contemporary look. Signature is printed to prevent smearing. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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