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Spicoli Original
  • Spicoli Original

    Spicoli was a female 9.5' great white shark so named because of her incredibly chill and confident demeanor. Younger sharks are generally more neurotic and unsure of themselves, but she carried herself as a much larger shark. During one of her slower passes next to the boat, we made eye contact. Although I've had similar encounters since, it was the first time a great white - a creature I have loved since childhood - acknowledged my presence. In short, we had a moment, and the contrast between the beautiful blue iris and predation scars on her face is something I will never forget. I have wanted to paint her portrait for years since that encounter and finally did.


    I am donating this original to the California Great White Shark Count! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting an effort I am proud to be associated with. To learn more, visit


    Goauche on illustration board, 12 X 18. Signed.

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